Week 1: An Introduction

- Meet the SIX3NINE team and fellow Academy members
- Introduction to course, content, format and assessments
- Organising 1-1 professional development meetings


Week 2: Defining Your Approach

- The 3 pillars of successful personal training 

  • An interdisciplinary approach 
  • A client centred approach 
  • A values based approach

- Understanding a subjective perspective on personal training
- Developing your ‘why’


Week 3: Case study - The impact of changing perspective

- How changing perspective influences your work with clients
- Developing your client's 'why'

Literature: Crucial Conversations (Kelly Patternson) and MIT (Sobell and Sobell 2008)


Week 4: Assessing your clients and conducting successful consultations

- Why are we assessing at all?
- Building rapport, identifying barriers and challenging beliefs
- Analysing different movement screening methods
- Assessing nutrition - reporting accuracy and habits


Week 5: Case study - Assessment and consultations

- (Re)assessment and integration of session 1 and session 2
- 'Change talk' with clients


Week 6: Advanced Nutrition philosophy, proven strategies and the underpinning science

- Approach - behavioural change and forming new habits
- Analysing different nutritional strategies
- Nutritional supporting scientific literature 


Week 7: Case study - Advanced Nutrition strategy implementation

- Selecting the appropriate strategy for the client
- Successful implemention


Week 8: Training philosophy, proven strategies and the underpinning science

- Pros and cons of training tools and training styles
- Fostering a good relationship with exercise
- Verbal feedback, cueing, exercise selection and intensity
-  Effective progressions and regressions 


Week 9: Case study - Training interventions

- Identifying the approach
- Making successful training interventions


Week 10: Programming

- Window of opportunity for adaption
- Assessing the approach: bodybuilding, S&C, reactive adaptable, patterns over exercises
- Logistical considerations for client success


Week 11: Case study - Programming

- Reprogramming clients under the new paradigm


Week 12: The spaces in-between

- Food for thought: How food affects our behaviour, how behaviour affects our food
- Moving movement: How what we think moves us physically
- Language to movement: How what we say affects our performance


Relevant literature 

- MIT (Sobell and Sobell, 2008)
- PEAK Coaching Model) (O’Moore, 2012)
- 5 Why Principle (Toyota)
- Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (Maslow, 1943)
- The Power of Habit (Charles Duhigg, 2012)
- Crucial Conversations (Kerry Patterson, 2002)
- Ignite the Fire (Jonathan Goodman, 2012)
- Bad Science (Ben Goldacre, 2008)
- Start with Why (Simon Sinek, 2009)