The health and fitness industry can be a minefield of misinformation so we’re cutting through the noise, reaching as many people as we can to educating them on the principles of health, fitness and nutrition. 


Brought to you by SIX3NINE Personal Training

We have been doing this successfully for 7 years and instead of dealing one person we are a team that have years of experience of helping people from many different backgrounds move towards their goals.

Available Always for Anyone and Everyone

We love helping people move towards their goals. It’s what we do. If you have the motivation we are here to guide you.


Track your workout via our app


Log your workouts and
watch video demos


Manage and align your
nutrition and training


Watch your progress as you
get closer to your goals

Features and benefits

Initial Consultation and goal setting

We have a chat about your lifestyle, needs and goals that will allow us to plan what suits you and will get you to where you want to be.


Bespoke Programming and video analysis

Every session is tailored to you and your needs. We use video analysis to fine tune your form so you can constantly improve.


Premium app

It’s all on an app on your phone where you can track your sets and reps, nutrition and your progress as well as watch videos of the exercises.


Nutrition Education 

So you can learn fundamental nutrition principles so you feel confident in your own choices and understand what works for you.


Weekly Check in

Weekly reviews to keep accountable and reflect on the previous week as well as plan the next week.


FB community

So you can engage with other individuals on the same journey and share your experience. We will also have Live Q&As to support you as much as we can. 

Package Tiers

Option 1

- Bespoke training programme

- Access to our app

- Nutrition support

- Weekly Check-ins

- Facebook community

£179 per month

Option 2
Online + In-Person

- Bespoke training programme

- Access to our app

- Nutrition support

- Weekly Check-ins

- Monthly 1-2-1 sessions at our studio

- Facebook community

£265 per month


Meet Darran
Your Online Trainer

I’ve been personal training for 10 years and I love making a positive impact in peoples’ lives like the rest of the team in here at SIX3NINE.

It’s inspiring watching someone’s confidence and belief in themselves transform.

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