An individual’s approach to nutrition should be bespoke, adaptable and autonomous.



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- Body composition reading using InBody Bioelectrical impedance analysis

- Follow up notes including the appropriate plans, nutrition targets and resources require for your goal.


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Meet Dan

  • Sports Nutritionist, ISSN dip, CISSN

  • SIX3NINE Academy, Course Leader and Nutrition Lecturer

  • SIX3NINE Senior Trainer

  • Published Writer for national press

  • Women's Fitness Expert Panelist

  • Corporate Wellness Speaker

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Dan Price, ISSN dip, CISSN SIX3NINE Personal Training

Dan Price, ISSN dip, CISSN
SIX3NINE Personal Training

Dan’s approach

A dietary intervention can only be successful if it can be adhered to. What is realistic for one person may be unrealistic for another. Clients must be treated as individuals not statistics.

Generic diet plans tend to either flat out not work or work for a short period of time before stalling or yo-yoing. This is because our individual lifestyles, eating patterns, work schedules and relationships with food and exercise cannot all be shoe horned into the same generic diet plan and expected to produce predictable results.

In laboratory settings with energy controlled diets, movement trackers and prescribed exercise regimes we may expect to see more predictable results in weight loss. Unsurprisingly, in the real world not many of us live under these conditions.

If the parameters of a diet plan cannot be adhered to, whether the goal is weight loss, weight gain or anything else, the diet cannot produce lasting results regardless of how “good” it is on paper.