Pull-Up and Press-Up Workshop


Pull-Up and Press-Up Workshop


Sunday 3rd March 13:30 - 15:00
Clint Kelly and Russ Harris


About the workshop:

The pull-up and press-up are some of the many metrics of strength, power and functionality we see as a daunting task in our fitness regime. Often mistaken as a ‘beginner’ stage of calisthenics or resistance training true mastery of these exercises requires unimpeded use of stabilising and force oriented tissues. Demanding use of muscles in the chest, arms, back, shoulders and entire core it's no wonder these two are so heavily featured as fundamental for many of us.

In this 90 minute, practically based clinic we will endeavour to break each exercise into it component part, allowing each participant to understand not only how to perform each exercise, identify where in the spectrum is their greatest window for growth but also give them tools to advance from this stage onto the next and beyond. This flexible approach allows for us to cater the clinic to the participants individual starting point, whether they be an absolute beginner to whom a full push up seems a far dream away, to the steadfast gym enthusiast who frequently uses these exercises as part of their fitness arsenal.

The ability to scale the content and direction of the information and practical lessons to each participant goes hand in hand with over a decade of experience within personal training. This fluid approach invites interaction between everyone at every level to complete a full 360 learning experience.

So what's left but for you to click- book and then Push-pull yourself to a new and improved skill set.

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We'll be covering:

- How disfunction could be holding you back

- Movement patterns for the pull up

- Assisted exercises for pull ups

- How negatives can help

- Putting it into practice

Suitable for all levels.

Whether you're a complete beginner or more experienced, we’ll meet you at your level. Suitable for both personal trainers and non-personal trainers.

We understand plans change.

Refunds accepted up to 7 days before the event. Simply send an email to info@six3nine.com and we'll organise it for you.

About the trainer

Clint Kelly, Senior Trainer

As the old saying goes “give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, show him how to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime”. I like to approach fitness the same way.

With a passion for education both for myself and for others I enjoy the satisfaction of seeing clients further their own understanding of wellbeing.

By incorporating progressive programming, strategic nutritional planning and tailored coaching I can instruct clients how to use the tools necessary to achieve their goals.

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