Mobility Workshop

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Mobility Workshop


Sunday 28th January 13:30 - 15:00
Russ Harris and Ed Loveday


About the workshop:

We need mobility to get the most out of our training. It allows us to explore a greater repertoire of exercises, remain pain free, keep control of our posture and complete everyday tasks without thinking about them.

In this 90 minute workshop, our Head of Education Russ Harris and Ed Loveday will take you through a series of mobility drills which will explore, improve and control your range of movement.

You will also get hands on with practicing how to integrate these drills into your workouts to encourage greater extensibility of muscles when training.

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How to improve your mobility


Exercise and drills to implement immediately


Increase your lifting performance through mobility


Most loved SIX3NINE Workshop


Led by Russ Harris MSc, Head of Education and Ed Loveday, Academy Mentor


Mixture of theory and practical learning

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*Limited tickets available.

Suitable for all levels.

Whether you're complete beginner or more experienced, we’ll meet you at your level. Suitable for both personal trainers and non-personal trainers.

We understand plans change.

Refunds accepted up to 7 days before the event. Simply send an email to and we'll organise it for you.

About the trainer

Ed Loveday, SIX3NINE Trainer

I empower coaches to reach their full potential, and raise the overall standard of personal training across the UK. My background in education alongside 7 years of personal training has equipped me with the experience to help you excel.

With one-to-one personal training, I can only impact the number of clients I have. By training trainers, this number multiplies.


Russ Harris, Head of Education

Although I believe fitness and personal training are art forms, underpinning that art with scientific evidence is at the heart of my core values as a trainer.

I help you understand the basics and make sense of the complex. I coach both personal trainers and those dedicated to improving their own fitness to learn new skills, and better yet - how to learn new skills. I develop your abilities and understanding of how and why so you can enjoy a healthier lifestyle.