Welcome to the SIX3NINE Academy for Personal Trainers.

We believe that post-qualification professional development is paramount for trainers driven by providing the highest possible level of service to their clients. Because of the unique role trainers play in their client’s lives, this development should be bespoke to you and the demands of your client base. 

This is a 12-Week Academy, in which you will be working alongside a small group of likeminded individuals, supported throughout by the Six3nine team. You will gain access to the in-house expertise and experience at SIX3NINE via groups seminars, practical hands on sessions, online content, guest speakers and 1-1 professional development meetings. 

We are proud to present this immersive learning experience for the elite level trainers of the future in order to share our collective knowledge and support you on your journey.




Provide genuine value to your customers by mastering a client-centred approach to personal training.

We will elevate your standard of training by giving you a better understanding of the nuance and complexity of working with the human body and mind.

Become a leader in your field by gaining the kind of confidence that allows you to stop having to compete against others and focus on your own practice.

Expand your training arsenal to improve your client's sessions, programming and results.

We'll work with you to improve all areas of your professional development to help you retain more clients and broaden your customer base.