6 Fitness Fads we want to die in 2018

Well friends, we're a few weeks into the start of year.

Are you closer to any of the health and fitness goals that you set yourself at the start of the year? Hopefully you have made great progress towards your goals already (and perhaps just haven't been sucked in by the classic health and fitness fads.)

Either way, that's an achievement.

But if you did fall for the slick marketing, that's ok because at some stage, we all have all believed the promises that seemed to good to be true. So we'd just like to give this to you as a little reminder to know what to look out for (and avoid like the plague) over the next few months.


1. Diet Teas

In short, drinking tea will not make you lose weight. I love a good cup of tea as much as the next person but ones that contain diuretics - and maybe laxatives - not so much. Any weight you will lose will be water weight or 'digested food'... stick to a normal cuppa.


2. Vibrating ab belts

Although Ronaldo's rippling 6-pack is convincing - let me be clear from the start; an 'ab belt' is NOT going to give you abs. Giving you electric shocks as you sit on the commute to work (or on the lavatory after your diet tea) is not going to give you the solid abdominal you're looking for.


3. InstaFit Celebrities

There are literally hundreds of Instagram Celebrities, a small number of which post good content, a big number of which don't. They will generally be ‘genetically gifted’, performing exercises that focus on their booty (even when they are training arms), posting physique updates - all whilst promoting body positivity and remaining 'humble.'

You’ll not see posts about the great results they get with clients or the courses they have been on to further their education. So try to follow coaches that actually train people and put out useful, relevant content.


4. Merging Principles

The hybrid class has been on the rise this year. I’m all for people trying something new and trying interesting new classes but on this occasion, I feel that it dilutes your long term development rather than add to it. If you want to get better at Yoga, go to a yoga class and if you want to get better at boxing to a boxing class. Combining both might initially be fun but for long term develop stick the individual classes.

(And 'Boxoga' isn't that catchy.)


5. Detox Cleanses

There is no scientific evidence that any so-called cleanses really benefit a person's health. Our livers and kidneys, if fully functionally, do a great job of cleansing our bodies. Increasing fruit and vegetable intake and drinking more water over sweetened drinks would do a lot more to improve your long term health and its far cheaper. Win win.


6. Interval training

Interval Training has been a massive success story of the past few years, encouraging a lots of people to get active. However if you've not been in the gym for the past 5 years, starting to do three HIIT classes a week is not the best choice as you’ll probably break yourself.

Exercising at max effort is very risky in terms of picking up an injury and it would be more beneficial to include more daily movement and learning how to perform basic movements properly before increasing the intensity.

I know it's not sexy, but learning to walk before you run is always a good idea.


Anyway - that's all from me for now. Here's to a cracking 2018 for you, smashing goals and dodging detoxes.

(Don't forget we're always happy to chat with you if you're ever feeling overwhelmed by information. You can catch us on Instagram at @639pt - drop us a DM!)