Training Around Christmas

In recent years there’s been an increasing trend for some gyms to open on Christmas Day for those people who just don’t want to miss a training session. 

There is nothing wrong with not wanting to miss a training session but what a lot of people forget is that resting and recovery is just as important as training. If we were to focus as must on that as we do training we’ll probably improve in all areas of training and life. 

Now that’s doesn’t necessarily mean grinding to a halt and melting into the sofa after the 3rd day of turkey dinners whilst watching Only Fools and Horses repeats on the tv. It's about incorporating some light activity and mindful eating into a week or so of calorie-dense food.

Think beyond the gym; going for a long walk with the dog or (snow-dependent) sledging with your family are excellent ways to do this.

If you usually track your food intake on My fitness pal, it might be a good opportunity to put the app away for a few days to give yourself a psychologically break. 

The festive break is a great time to reflect on the year and plan what you'd like to achieve going forward. And most importantly - enjoy some time with your family.