Handstand Workshop

as a part of our Lululemon Series

Friday 30th August
at Lululemon Covent Garden
with Russ Harris
£15 per ticket

This 45 minute workshop is designed to be a fun introduction to handstands or a way to pick up new skills, tips and tricks to move your handstand abilities forwards.

Weather you’ve never done a handstand before, you’re currently relying on the wall for support or you’re striving for balance away from the wall this workshop is for you.

In the 45 minutes, you and one or two others will go through some warm up drills, ‘position and condition’ drills and of course handstands themselves. All of these drills are designed for you to be able to take them into your next gym session and practice on your own.

I’ll also be assisting you by ‘spotting’ you into the right position and making sure you feel safe and secure when trying things that are new or scary. 

For those more confident with handstands there’s plenty of scope to make the session challenging and/ or work on skills you’re stuck on.

Refunds accepted up to 7 days before the event.
Exchanges accepted up to 3 days before the event.

Hosted by Russ Harris


Lululemon Athletica
19-20 Long Acre
Covent Garden