What qualifications do I need to apply?

In order to benefit from the academy, all we ask is that you are a fully qualified level 3 personal trainer.

If you haven't yet qualified, our workshops are a fantastic stepping stone to give you a taste of how we work. You can browse them here.


Do I need to live in London?

Although it's not essential for you to live in London, the practical coaching and seminars will be based in Covent Garden so you'll need to be available to visit us once every two weeks.


What if I can't make a physical session? 

If you are no longer able to make a seminar or training session please let us know as soon as possible. You'll be sent across any presentation slides and content and where possible, we will also schedule in time to update you individually.


How much study time will I need to do outside of the contact hours?

Approximately 6-12 hours per fortnight will be sufficient to get through the reading materials however work with clients or case studies will be the main focus. The more time spent practically applying sections of the academy through-out the better.


Will there be any online support?

You'll receive once weekly email support from your assigned mentor alongside lecture content slides.


What will I gain at end of the 12 weeks?

The Academy is not about having a qualification in a particular subject, of which is only ever one small part of a job that entails much more than one specific area of research or interest. It is about how you're able to take the process by which we get results from our clients and apply that same successful method to your own practices.

We want to develop your understanding of not only how to do your job but what your job actually is, to provide direction and purpose. You will be evolving as a coach to respond to growing and broadening demand placed upon personal trainers to ‘know it all’.