Body Transformation Workshop

SUNDAY 6TH AUGUST, 11:00 AM  - 15:00 PM
£64 - WITH RUSS HARRIS MSC, Mark milsted, DAN PRICE and joshua peters


Russ Harris MSc, Head of Education

Russ Harris MSc, Head of Education

Mark Milsted, Senior Trainer

Mark Milsted, Senior Trainer

Dan Price, SIX3NINE Trainer

Dan Price, SIX3NINE Trainer

Joshua Peters, SIX3NINE Trainer

Joshua Peters, SIX3NINE Trainer

Body transformations are often promised as quick fixes, but unfortunately their results can be short lived experiences. The many deceiving before and after pictures in circulation appear to show impossibly quick and incredible results, but with these unrealistic expectations and the lack of sustainability, it’s easy to become demotivated with your transformation goal and give up entirely. 

This workshop shifts the focus away from crash diet transformations, and focuses on transforming habits and routines. Actioning the right habits consistently brings about physical change, finding your personalised approach to manage these habits ensures the transformation continues long after the first ’12 weeks’.

Four of our experienced team will be leading this two-part workshop, with Dan Price and Mark Milsted leading our nutrition segment and Russ Harris and Joshua Peter leading our training segment.

Part 1 - Nutrition 11:00-12:30:

- Understand the primary importance of nutrition in a body recomposition, weight loss or muscle building transformation.

- Explore the mechanisms that dictate change and the common barriers faced when trying to bring these mechanisms about.

- Find the best nutritional approach for your transformation taking into account your lifestyle, preferences, timeframe and current relationship with food.

- Learn how to accommodate for long term sustainability in your nutrition plan, rather than yo-yo crash dieting.

- Get hands on with food in practical exercises to help visualise how to structure your transformation nutrition plan.


Part 2 - Training 13:30-15:00:

- A combination of theoretical and practical details about training styles and their effects on the body for weight management, recovery and calorie expenditure.

- Practical experience of; barbell complexes, energy system threshold training 

- Understand how and why to train in a particular way to suit your transformation journey

- How to get your body ready for your transformation


This workshop is suitable for both personal trainers and those looking to make body composition changes themselves. Ever attendee will leave equipped with the process by which a body transformation happens, feeling confident and prepared to achieve their goals and the know-how to make those changes sustainable.

Additional Online Support:

In order to provide you with a 360 learning experience which caters to different learner types, each workshop ticket will also come complete with:

- Presentation slides with notes and audio
- Video tutorials of the exercises covered


Refunds accepted up to 7 days before the event.
Exchanges accepted up to 3 days before the event.


Entrance via Drury Lane