Russ Harris MSc
Head of Education

As the Head of Education at SIX3NINE, Russ has had several years of experience developing both clients and our team of personal trainers.

With a masters in Strength and Conditioning and a degree in Sports Science, his years in education have given him a vast bank of knowledge on the underpinning science of exercise and nutrition.

This extensive period studying at various institutes has also allowed him to witness the common strengths and weaknesses of the education system and allowed us to design our academy to ensure everyone gets the best possible learning experience.

Russ has been featured in both Mens Health, The Independent and published in the British Journal of Nutrition.


Ed Loveday
Senior Trainer

Ed is one of our Senior Trainers who has been a part of the SIX3NINE team for the past 4 years.

With a Law Degree and background working in the education system as a teacher, Ed has been heavily involved in designing and delivering education at SIX3NINE.

His experience and exceptional ability to adapt his approach to the audience makes Ed an integral member of the Academy education team.

Ed has been featured in both The Independent and The Telegraph.

Mark Milsted
Senior Trainer

Since joining the company, Mark has been heavily involved in our in-house education system through-out.

Mark is currently studying for his ISSN Diploma and has a remarkable ability to analyse and disseminate in-depth information from nutritional studies.

Mark will be working closely with the Academy, sharing the knowledge that he has acquired through practical experience and academic study.