Continued education is at the heart of our ethos at SIX3NINE. As a client-focused personal trainer, investing in your professional development is one of the most valuable things you can do for your career.

This is why we created the SIX3NINE Graduate Scheme, a monthly mentorship programme specifically designed to support Academy student after completing the course.

SIX3NINE Monthly Mentorship
85.00 every month

What’s included?


1-1 Mentorship Sessions with Academy Tutor 

Ask questions about your clients, get support with issues they are facing, have a sounding board for new ideas, receive pointers for reading and resources that can help you develop your career and improve your knowledge.

These private session with your tutor can also be used as accountability to stay focused on self development and professional development.


Monthly Group Clinics

Once a month we will run a group session with your fellow graduation which will be a mixture of practical and theory based. The emphasis will be on application of scientific knowledge to real life coaching which will offer you a safe trainer community that shares ideas freely and with development being the goal.

You will go away from sessions with solutions to problems you face with clients, new ideas to develop your coaching abilities and also homework to try out in sessions.


Free Access to Workshops

Graduates will be able to book onto six3nine workshops for free

Facebook group access
Video and conversation based content will go into the group plus graduate generated debate. Live videos as well as pre recorded content from monthly clinics. 


Your Graduate Tutors


We’ve always strived for and believed in the power of having a positive community of likeminded trainers around you to support and encourage improvements to your working practice.

We know from experience that trainers become more knowledgable and confident in this kind of environment, their clients also directly benefit as a result.

So in order to make this kind of learning and growth environment available to our students we have created the Academy Graduate Mentorship Programme.

Russ Harris MSc, Head of Education and Academy Leader

Ed Loveday, Senior Trainer

Ed Loveday, Senior Trainer

Dan Price, Senior Trainer and Nutritionist

Dan Price, Senior Trainer and Nutritionist

Clint Kelly, Senior Trainer

Clint Kelly, Senior Trainer

Monthly Membership

- Monthly one-to-one sessions with your Academy tutor

- Monthly group sessions with your fellow students

- Facebook group support

- Free access to SIX3NINE workshops

85.00 every month