Elevate your standard of coaching and become
a better trainer.

12-Week Mentorship Programme For Personal Trainers


Academy Overview

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Provide genuine value to your customers by mastering a client-centred approach to personal training.

Elevate your standard of training by gaining a better understanding of the complexity of working with the human body and mind.

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Become a leader in your field in an increasingly saturated industry.

Gain the kind of confidence that allows you to stop having to compete against others and focus on your own practice.


Expand your training arsenal to improve your client's sessions, programming and results.

Improve all areas of your professional development to retain more clients and broaden your customer base. 

Academy features:

- 7 sessions at SIX3NINE from 12pm-5pm (every other week)
- 3 professional development meetings for 1 hour
- 48 hours of coursework and reading (4 hours per week)

*Please note exact dates of practical sessions will be organised around your timetable to ensure you can make them.

Academy Syllabus

1. Defining Your Approach

- The three pillars of successful personal training
- Understanding a subjective perspective on personal training
- Developing your unique ‘why’ as a coach

2. Assessments and Consultations

- Building rapport, identifying barriers and challenging beliefs
- Analysing different movement screening methods
- Assessing nutrition, reporting accuracy and habits

3. Nutrition Philosophy

- Proven strategies and the underpinning science
- Behavioural change and forming new habits
- Analysing different nutritional strategies
- Nutritional supporting scientific literature

4. Training Philosophy

- Pros and cons of training tools and training styles
- Fostering a good relationship with exercise
- Verbal feedback, cueing, exercise selection and intensity
- Effective progressions and regressions
- Identifying the approach
- Making successful training interventions

5. Successful Programming

- Windows of opportunity for adaptation
- Assessing the approach: bodybuilding, S&C, reactive adaptable, patterns over exercise
- Logistical considerations for client success


Essential Literature

Advanced Personal Training - Science to Practice (Paul Hough & Simon Penn, 2017)

Relevant literature 

- MIT (Sobell and Sobell, 2008)
- PEAK Coaching Model) (O’Moore, 2012)
- 5 Why Principle (Toyota)
- Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (Maslow, 1943)
- The Power of Habit (Charles Duhigg, 2012)
- Crucial Conversations (Kerry Patterson, 2002)
- Ignite the Fire (Jonathan Goodman, 2012)
- Bad Science (Ben Goldacre, 2008)
- Start with Why (Simon Sinek, 2009)

Next Intake Dates:

5th September - 28th November


Tuition and Payment Plans

1. Early Bird Offer

£900 GBP
One Installment

Save £210

2. Single Payment

£1,000 GBP
One Installment

Save £110

3. Pay As You Learn

£370 GBP per month
Three Installments

Select your own payment dates

Meet Our Graduates


Charlotte Tooth, SIX3NINE Academy Graduate 2017
Personal Trainer of 5 years, Professional Dancer

Faye Sanders, SIX3NINE Academy Graduate 2017
Newly Qualified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

"My time at the Academy was inspirational and exciting, thinking of all my future career possibilities and knowing this is helping me towards being the best personal trainer I can be.

If those sessions reflect what I could be doing going forward and my career being that enjoyable, then I have certainly made the right decision to turn away from veterinary for the time being. I feel so fortunate to have discover another path of which I am so passionate about."

Matt Dale, SIX3NINE Academy Graduate 2017
Personal Trainer of 10 years (and now, SIX3NINE Team Member)

I was aware of SIX3NINE having followed them through social media. I attended several of their workshops over the years and became a firm ‘fan’, appreciating their "out of the box" approaches and ethos to making exercise enjoyable and accessible to all levels.

The Academy was a wonderful experience in an intimate setting that allowed for plenty of exchange of ideas. It promoted different ways of thinking about how we approach, communicate and work with clients of all backgrounds and experience levels.

The standard of knowledge, appreciation for evidence-based research, and flexibility to question current thinking was inspiring. My horizons have been expanded and my views on various areas of exercise, nutrition and coaching/communication have been widened.

I would highly recommend the Academy for any aspiring PTs who are really looking to give themselves the strongest possible starting point in their careers and keep ahead of the curve.

Meet Your Mentors


Russ Harris MSc
Head of Education

As the Head of Education at SIX3NINE, Russ has had several years of experience developing both clients and our team of personal trainers.

With a masters in Strength and Conditioning and a degree in Sports Science, his years in education have given him a vast bank of knowledge on the underpinning science of exercise and nutrition.

This extensive period studying at various institutes has also allowed him to witness the common strengths and weaknesses of the education system and allowed us to design our academy to ensure everyone gets the best possible learning experience.

Russ has been featured in both Mens Health, The Independent and published in the British Journal of Nutrition.

Ed Loveday
Senior Trainer

Ed is one of our Senior Trainers who has been a part of the SIX3NINE team for the past 4 years.

With a Law Degree and background working in the education system as a teacher, Ed has been heavily involved in designing and delivering education at SIX3NINE.

His experience and exceptional ability to adapt his approach to the audience makes Ed an integral member of the Academy education team.

Ed has been featured in both The Independent and The Telegraph.

Dan Price Dip.ISSN, CISSN
Certified Sports Nutritionist

Since joining the company, Dan has been heavily involved in our in-house education system through-out.

Dan is a certified sports nutritionist with a diploma in Applied Sports and Exercise Nutrition. He is highly skilled at combining the latest in scientific research with practical strategies to help cut through the noise and find what works best for you and your clients.

Dan will be working closely with the Academy, sharing the knowledge that he has acquired through practical experience and academic study.

Your FAQs


What qualifications do I need to apply?

In order to benefit from the academy, all we ask is that you are a fully qualified level 3 personal trainer.

If you haven't yet qualified, our workshops are a fantastic stepping stone to give you a taste of how we work. You can browse them here.


Do I need to live in London?

Although it's not essential for you to live in London, the practical coaching and seminars will be based in Covent Garden so you'll need to be available to visit us once every two weeks.


What if I can't make a physical session? 

If you are no longer able to make a seminar or training session please let us know as soon as possible. You'll be sent across any presentation slides and content and where possible, we will also schedule in time to update you individually.


How much study time will I need to do outside of the contact hours?

Approximately 6-12 hours per fortnight will be sufficient to get through the reading materials however work with clients or case studies will be the main focus. The more time spent practically applying sections of the academy through-out the better.


Will there be any online support?

You'll receive once weekly email support from your assigned mentor alongside lecture content slides.


What will I gain at end of the 12 weeks?

Although the Academy is currently in progress to becoming accredited, the focus of the course is not to provide you with another 'specialist' title for your CV for a job that entails much more than one specific area of interest.

It is about how you're able to take the process by which we get results from our clients and apply that same successful method to your own practices.

We want to develop your understanding of not only how to do your job but what your job actually is, to provide direction and purpose. You will be evolving as a coach to respond to growing and broadening demand placed upon personal trainers to ‘know it all’.

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What happens next?

Due to high demand, we have had to introduce an application process. Trainers who demonstrate a passion and enthusiasm to join the Academy are likely to be more successful.

Once we've received your application, we'll contact you via email to discuss it further.