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With demanding lifestyles, todays professionals can struggle to prioritise fitness and exercise in an effective regime. At SIX3NINE our hand-picked trainers ensure you are working out at the right intensity, in the safest manner and with the most effective exercises for your goals.

By booking an appointment with one of our trainers you will be entering an agreement focused on acheiving your individual goals. All you need to do is honour the appointment and let us take it from there.


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Without targets you will have little chance of excelling with your training. At the PRACTICE we believe in setting realistic short, medium and long term goals based on exactly what you want to achieve with your training. Whether your aim is to lose some weight, prepare for an expedition, get fit for golf or build muscle, you provide the goals and we’ll provide the scientific target.

In order to maximise success, the trainers at SIX3NINE will conduct a complete biomechanical assessment; this can be a highly detailed assessment for a client who needs extensive rehabilitation post-injury, or a simplified version for somebody just wishing to lose a little weight.

This process provides the trainer with enough information to tailor a specific program to a client and track your progress.


Have you ever been frustrated by niggling injuries or age old stories that prevent you from achieving your goals? Or your clients can’t step up to the next level due to their own physical limitiations and beliefs? Have you ever referred out to a medical practitioner only to be told they should stop training for 4 weeks? Imagine this could be overcome in minutes and not months…

These scenarios are frustrating for both client and trainer and were originally the motivation for the creation of Anatomy in Motion. To teach ground breaking and ‘next generation’ techniques that are fast, effective and rapidly increase our clients mobility, reduce their pain and give them instant access to the possibility of achieving their goals through excellent progressive training programmes.

For the trainer this means clients overcome those niggles quickly and lose no training time, instead of waiting for a needless knee/back operation that could be avoided with a simple understanding of human movement, 3dPotential and the interconnectivity of all things anatomical.

For the client/patient this means returning to full mobility, overcoming (sometimes) years of pain, defeating physical limitations and breaking through the barriers that hold you back. The human body knows how to heal itself… it just needs a little encouragement. This is what AiM is all about.

Although it’s happened once or twice, my intention is not to upset the medical fraternity. I often find it hard to overcome the mindset of medically trained therapists who have had years of success in their field – like a quantum physicist explaining the quantum world to a physicist! AiM practitioners simply work at a different level – to understand that level and add it to the existing knowledge of anatomy simply gives you a new tool in your tool box. One that’s bigger and better than all those created before it.

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Robert has an extensive knowledge of biomechanical dysfunction. Through his close association with elite level athletes and specialist consultants, Robert has developed a keen interest in high level musculoskeletal injury rehabilitation. He graduated with honours from The University of Manchester in 2005 and has completed further post- graduate qualifications in Manual Therapy techniques. Rob firmly believes in designing an optimal treatment plan specific to each client, aiming for full functional rehabilitation.

Robert, himself a keen strength and conditioning enthusiast, has worked with several rugby, Olympic weight-lifting and power-lifting clubs. Robert is a recognised Anatomy in Motion therapist, using ‘next generation’ techniques to ensure an effective return to pain free training. Rob also incorporates the innovative NeuroKinetic approach to his tailor made therapies, correcting dysfunctional movement and root of pain. Rob is one of the few therapists in the UK to incorporate these latest approaches with more traditional techniques.

To book an appointment with Rob please contact us.


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