Covent Garden personal training practice


At SIX3NINE we believe freedom of movement is the key to success for those wishing to improve their fitness. With this in mind we have created a bespoke area, free of traditional gym equipment, designed to allow our clients to move freely in as much space as possible.

Gone are the traditional fixed-resistance machines, replaced instead with kettle-bells, free weights, cable machines and gymnastic equipment. Whilst our equipment may require a degree of knowledge and skill to use, all our members have a dedicated personal trainer who will ensure the necessary techniques are mastered in order to maximise fitness regimes.


The PRACTICE consists of zones, each of which provide a different focus. Guided by your trainer you will utilise each section, as appropriate for your program, to maximise successes and ensure you never have to queue for a machine again.

six3nine practice: 01.2 Cross Train


The SIX3NINE floor comprises a high density rubber with customised markings designed to act as piece of fitness equipment, integral to your workout. From the 10 metre track, and clock face, to the agility ladder and TRX grading lines, these markings enable our trainers to utilise the PRACTICE in ways our clients least expect.

six3nine practice: 01.3 Dynamic Flooring


After working hard with a SIX3NINE trainer, we understand the need to cool down in a nice environment. Our changing rooms are designed to ensure that you can get showered and changed in comfort before you leave the PRACTICE. From illuminated mirrors to digital lockers we've done our best to make things as convenient as possible for our busy members.

six3nine practice: 01.4 Changing rooms


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