Personal training

Personal training, Central London

High spec

SIX3NINE is a high spec personal training practice in central London, conveniently located in the heart of Covent Garden. The recently opened practice offers brand new equipment and a group of highly qualified personal trainers available for your sessions.

To book a free consolation with one of our fitness professionals please call:

020 7242 0060 /


The central London personal training practice is located in Covent Garden with easy access for all underground stations in the area.

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Case studies

At SIX3NINE help our clients achieve many different fitness goals. Whether it be fat reduction, muscle gain, sports performance or injury rehab, we have the experienced trainer ready to help. Here are 2 of our success stories.

Modern space

The Central london personal training practice offers a bespoke area, free of traditional gym equipment, designed to allow our clients to move freely in as much space as possible.

six3nine practice: 01.3 Dynamic Flooring


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