Our Team

Our Team


Our team is our number one asset, and we pride ourselves on having the best in the business. To achieve this each of our trainers has to get through a stringent recruitment process, but their development doesn’t stop there. We ensure each of our team receives the ongoing educational support they need to ensure the coaching they deliver is truly in line with our scientific, research driven approach.





After working within the industry for over a decade, I founded SIX3NINE to realise my vision as to how health and fitness should be delivered. I’ve coached hundreds of clients, including many celebrities and business leaders, and have written for numerous national publications including The Telegraph, The Metro and Men’s Health. I have a no nonsense personality, totally committed to delivering honest results.

Senior Trainer


I believe that fitness and personal training are art forms, underpinning that art with scientific evidence is at the heart of my core values as a trainer. Being creative and innovative comes from having a comprehensive understanding of the basics. I pride myself on being able to use this creativity to teach my clients new skills and develop their abilities.

Senior Trainer


It is enlightening to see people who have struggled to make exercise a part of their lives change their habits and become healthier than they ever had been. How you reach your goals depends a lot about the task in hand. By assessing these factors, I’ll provide you with the support needed to make realistic changes. Exercise can be a life changer, and I believe that sessions should have an educational element because with this knowledge you will be able to sustain better habits.

Personal Trainer


I am a people person, and make it my goal to ensure each of the clients I work with get to theirs. I believe in encouragement, positivity and support, and so go to great lengths to make my sessions varied and fun whilst keeping them effective. I work particularly well with people who are taking their first steps into improving their health, and enjoy the challenge of breaking down the common misconceptions they may face to build them a better lifestyle.

Senior Trainer


We are not all athletes or fitness models who need to be in shape to earn a living. We are lawyers, accountants, teachers, drivers, brothers, mothers and friends. We have professional commitments to keep, financial worries to attend and relationships to maintain and nurture. Smart training and sensible nutrition strategies allow us to be energised, to work harder, to be healthier, stronger, pain free and less ill, enabling us to better care for our families.

Senior Trainer


With a keen interest in the scientific theory that underpins practical application, I take great pride in both, my exercise and nutritional programming always striving to achieve the best possible results for my clients. Having successfully worked with clients ranging from those who have never set foot in a gym before to aspiring physique competitors I have a broad range of experience despite being relatively new to the profession.

Personal Trainer


My interest in health and fitness has spanned several fields including fitness modelling, personal training, sports performance and strength and conditioning. I have an interest in the areas of injury management and rehabilitation along with enhancing sports performance through resistance training. It’s my philosophy that every person is different in the way we move, and that should be reflected in the way we train.

Personal Trainer


Having spent years in a vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting, fitness fads and half-hearted attempts at getting fit, my life as I knew it changed in 2011 when I decided to enlist the expertise of a Personal Trainer. Not only losing almost 3 stone, I was fitter, healthier, more productive and above all happier. By 2012, I had qualified as a personal trainer and nutritional adviser. I take an individual approach to every client to help them realise their full potential and live their lives in a healthier and happier way.



I have a strong passion for health and fitness and a unique ability in helping people develop confidence and achieve their goals.  I believe that fitness is relative to the individual and whilst training needs to be effective, it also needs to be enjoyable. Through my education and experience I have developed many different skills which enable me to design exclusive nutrition and training programmes.

Senior Trainer


I’m an osteopath, anatomy geek and insatiable movement omnivore. I’ve learnt from some of the best minds in biomechanical and musculoskeletal understanding and focus this knowledge with osteopathic philosophy in order to provide a treatment and training style that is quite simply incredibly powerful. My passion is to work with people in similar situations who feel that pain is preventing them from living life and enjoying exercise and to facilitate their journey back to pain free peak performance.

Principal Trainer


I have been involved in sport and fitness my whole life and for the last 12 years, I have done over  25,000 hours of 1:1 training with clients from all walks of life.  With this I feel I have earned my title as one of the Top Trainers in the UK. I know how hard it can be to make changes to your physique, both mentally and physically.  This is why I try to make small, non life altering changes to your lifestyle to ensure you are making continued, sustainable progress without having to make cut out things that you enjoy.