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No gimmicks, no fads. Our approach is simple. Whether you are looking for weight­loss, toning, muscle­ gain or sporting event preparation, our trainers ensure you have all the support you need to get results.

No matter what your goal, we have the perfect solution for you.

Personal Training

We believe that for a training and nutrition program to be as effective as possible it needs to be tailored to a specific individual and their goals.
No gimmicks, no fads; we just get you the best results, whilst having the least impact on your daily life. By using our scientific and research driven approach to fitness, coupled with our in-depth screening process we ensure you reach your goal.

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Small Group Training

It’s here. The hybrid of personal and group training has arrived.

Welcome to SIX3NINE Small Group Training.

Merging our customised approach of one-to-one sessions with a progressive class format, we have created two unique classes designed to break plateaus and ensure you’re making progress each and every week.

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Get the expertise of a SIX3NINE personal trainer, whenever and wherever you are. Whether you want to tone up, lose weight, gain some muscle or prepare for an upcoming sporting event, we have you covered. From weekly check-ins and updates to questions and queries, your trainer will be available via email to support you throughout. No question is too big or small when it comes to getting you results.

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Trainer Education

Be you an enthusiastic amateur or a seasoned fitness professional we can help you develop your knowledge with our SIX3NINE seminar and education series.

Aimed to deliver up to date, evidence based information, our no nonsense workshops are delivered by an experienced team of educators, and will help you take control of either your own training, or that of your clients.

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The team



At SIX3NINE Personal Training Practice, London, we believe our team is our number one asset and pride ourselves on having the best in the business. This is achieved through our detailed and stringent recruitment process and in line with our scientific and research driven approach continues through ongoing professional development to further enhance their knowledge and skills.

Our personal trainers use proven methodologies to create bespoke training and nutrition programs aimed at optimising our clients lifestyles towards their desired goal. In doing this we ensure each and every client has the physical and mental support they need to achieve optimal health.




About us

Exclusive space

With demanding lifestyles, today’s professionals can struggle to prioritise fitness and exercise in an effective regime. At SIX3NINE Personal Training Practice, Covent Garden, we have created a space for you to escape from the stress and pressures of everyday life and achieve your goals in the most time effective way.

Our personal training space is open and free of excessive equipment providing you the perfect environment to move in. We put a strong emphasis on free weight training, integrating exercises using barbells, cable-machines, kettle bells and gymnastic equipment into our programs.